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Commissioned art project  ︎︎  with Random Studio


I was commissioned a new art piece by Random Studio for their website and the opening of their new studio in Amsterdam.

Interview by Random Studio

Back in Spring, we opened our new studio with a party and a series of installations made by the studio team. That night, a Digital Campfire flickered shadows and light on our stone walls and to keep the fire burning, we commissioned a new piece for our website. Like a creative relay, our new header video riffs on the origin 3D image of the campfire by giving it an afterlife in an other-worldy environment, dreamt up by longtime Random collaborator Luciano Foglia.

The landscape we explore through handheld camera movements is a mash-up of dystopia and serenity, blurred by a lo-res fog and illuminated by a misbehaving artificial sun. Working on the go from Kyrgyzstan, Luciano came up with a lightweight, freewheeling visual language that allowed him to play intuitively. “Painting, for example, is so immediate, but with the computer everything takes so much longer,” Luciano says. “All the tools we use in the making of the digital world can be so complex and time consuming. I feel this work was a response to that: it's more unintentional.” Setting up a simple framework within which he could roam, he planted a few elements and let the details randomly bloom and do their thing, covering the 3D camera lens in “digital vaseline” to fill in any gaps. Accompanied by a discordant soundscape of sonic fragments, the shadowy terrain has its own natural laws, ruled by a set of weird rhythms and reflections.