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Invitation artwork  ︎︎  with Random Studio


Random Studio Opening Party "Evolution" traces our creative genealogy all the way back to its source; the primordial caves of our ancestors who expressed their creativity illuminated by fire and a pre-scientific wonder for the stars.

Fast forward to the here and now. This spirit lives on at the new studio space, our super-natural dwelling where the fire of creativity continues to burn, this time technology fuelling the flickering shadows and light on our new stone walls.

Featured in Frame Magazine

Random Studio's new office captures the company's ethos of using technology to enhance the natural world through interventions that lend the space a laid-back, organic feeling.

As a practice linked so closely with the digital world, its ethos is to use technology in a way that enhances the natural world, a mission precisely captured by architects X+L. Instead of opting for an overtly techy space, a more subtle yet equally complex space was developed. Technology is used to bring employees closer to their exterior surroundings and to foster wellbeing through intuitive interventions.

Interior Design by X+L

Studio images by Random Studio